Monday, November 19, 2012

Catching Up.

I haven't blogged in a while and A LOT has happened since the last time I did. The biggest thing that has happened since then is that I got my mission call! I have been assigned to labor in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission. I report to the MTC on February 13, 2013, same day as one of my dear friends from Belize, Hilary Munger. Pretty cool. I honestly could not be more excited to get out there and serve! My uncle Steve and a kid that came to Belize with me, Mike, both served in the Bahia Blanca Mission as well so its been fun to hear what its like from people that have served there. My moms brother and his wife actually live in Argentina just 4 hours outside my mission in Buenos Aires which is always very convenient. (: My parents will most likely come pick me up so we can go visit them after my mission.

We're a little bit crazy.

For those of you wondering, Nic gets back in June of 2013. That means that we wont see each other for a whole 38 months (3 years and 2 months). That is a LONG time and its really hard for me to even think about. It just seems crazy. Hopefully time will go by fast. I'm just glad he supports my decision and couldn't be happier that I will be able to experience all that he has while he's been out on his mission. It will also give him the oppurtunity to get a year of school in and to actually date outside of high school since he left the week after we graduated. All around, its a hard situation but a good outcome.

A week ago I got to go to Arizona for a friends wedding. It was such a blast. I'm so excited for Carly and her new husband and wish them the very best. Words can't really express how grateful I am for my trip to Belize. Thats where I met Carly and all the girls that came with me to Arizona. Belize brought me knowledge, gratitude, friendships and so much more. Really, I think all these girls will be in my life for a very long time. The trip down to Arizona was a sketchy one because of the huge storm but these three kept me awake and aware the whole time. Lets just say we had fun the whole ride. Music is perfect for these sorts of situations.

Carly's wedding went great. She looked beautiful and her reception went off without a hitch. Minus the wind the whole time while we were setting up for her outdoor reception. Her mom was a little stressed but we got it all set up and the wind stopped just in time for everyone to arrive. It was a beautiful reception with very delicious food (most of which didn't make it out the door because all us Belize girls were working eating in the kitchen), amazing decorations, and wonderful people.

This past weekend I went up to Logan to visit my roomies from last year. They were in charge of Mikelles Baby Shower so I came up to help out a little bit! Let me just tell you, Nikki, Jami and Kelsi worked so hard on this Baby Shower and it was PERRRFFEEECCCTT. The games were fun, the food was great, and the decorations were to die for. I love Mikelle and I'm so happy for her and her husband. Their little baby girl will be arriving sometime in early January. So excited to see how adorable she is!
I always have fun when I go up to Logan. This time we put the baby shower on, cooked a delicious meal with fried mushrooms and a honey mustard chicken (Mmmm), ran in the rain, went and saw Breaking Dawn part 2 (Loved the second half. Not a fan of the first half), painted our nails, watched more movies, and of course we had to stop into Kneaders and Cafe Rio where I used to work. I just love my friends and I'm so blessed to have each of them in my life!
142 Bottles 'O Nail Polish. Nikki is cray cray. 

So excited to see Breaking Dawn 2. Obviously. 

The cute baby shower! 

Bringing Gideon hot chocolate because he expressed the last time I went to Logan that it would be a dream come true to have me bring him hot chocolate on a cold day with my rosie cheeks all bundled up. We might have even sprinkled flour and had bells ringing in the back ground while I stood at his door like this. hahaha Needless to say, he loved it.

Pretty much, I love my life and I'm so grateful for all that I have been blessed with. 
Happy Thanksgiving Week Y'all!