Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrambled Post

I know, I have been a horrible blogger for the past 2 weeks. I apologize. Not like anyone really reads this blog anyways..ha. But here's a little bit of what has been going on!

Paint Dance:
Second greatest dance I have ever been to. (#1 being Prom junior year) Honestly. It was a complete BLAST. There was paint being sprayed everywhere and I even joined in on the fun! The night didn't have the greatest end..but that's a story for a different day. Here are some pictures of the fun!


I just smile every time I look at these pictures. Ah! So fun. College is great. 

Longest Kissing Chain:
Utah State University is now the official world record holder for longest kissing chain and guess what?  I got to participate! How cool is that? We all just stood in line and got kissed either on the lips or cheek and then kissed the next person on the lips or cheek. Some people got really into it (if you know what I mean..yuck.) but I just stuck to the cheek. I have a missionary, remember? And by the way, so far, there is no boy up here that even comes close to Nic. Not one. 

London, Stacie and I heading to the Quad!

Emily and I in the line (She couldn't keep her eyes open for any of the pictures...haha)

World Record Holders! BOO YA!

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Yes, Taylor Lautner is very attractive but honestly I like him a little less now that I saw "Abduction". It was THAT bad. But at least we had fun... 

I love my roomies!

Aggie or Cougar?? 
There is a constant war going on within me on whether I am an Aggie or a Cougar. 
Reasons to be an Aggie: 
-I go to Utah State
-I love it here. 
-Aggie pride is the GREATEST
Reasons to be a Cougar:
-Grew up a cougar
-EVERY single member of my family besides my brother has graduated or is attending BYU 
-My grandpa and father played sports for them
-My grandpa and aunt teach there 

I bleed blue for my Aggies AND my Cougars. Any advice??

I went home for conference this weekend and LOVED it! I got to see my family, go to the BYU vs. USU game (still not sure how I feel about that...) watch conference, eat at Pizza Factory (delicious!), visit the Searles, and relax (: Here's some pictures. 

 Oh Savannah...

Classic Steven and Allie 

CUTE. not.. Dessert at Sue and Barts

You can't really tell, but there were crumbs ALL OVER Tiff. She is a messy eater apparently. haha

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