Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best 24 Hours.

This weekend I got the opportunity to go up to a cabin in Bear Lake with all the Relief Society Presidencies in my stake.  We were getting trained on how to go about our jobs and just getting to know each other.  We had such a fun time and also had such amazing spiritual experiences.  I LOVE MY PRESIDENCY!
I know you don't really care about that so here's the funny part.  My room (10 girls) stayed up talking last night for about 3 hours. And right when we got in our beds and turned off the lights, someone started banging on our window.  At first I was like, "For reals? We're all a bunch of girls. We don't need to pretend to be boys and pull pranks on each other."  So we open and blinds expecting to see a bunch of screaming girls and THERE'S A FREAKING GORILLA standing there.  Let's just say everyone in the cabin heard me scream. Then he started banging again like 5 minutes later so all of us girls were running around and freaking out. Suddenly, I realize we have a door to the outside in our room and it's unlocked...crud. So I run over there and lock it as fast as I can and when I turn around, the gorilla is walking through the door IN OUR BEDROOM!! Who the heck let the gorilla in the house?!! I, of course, screamed again and collapsed onto Sarah. hahaha Just picture a dogpile of about 8 girls in the middle of a dark room screaming their heads off with a gorilla hovering over them. hahahahaha I still laugh whenever I picture it. Anyways, the gorilla leaves and starts doing it to all the other rooms! So I follow him into one room, jump on him and take his mask off. It was a boy! We were at a Relief Society retreat and a boy is in the house dressed up like a gorilla and no one knows him...we were so confused.  Then he told us that Bishop Munk sent him.  Bishop Munk, you are lucky he was cute or you would have been in big trouble! (: 

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