Friday, July 6, 2012

I Can't Come Up With A Clever Title.

Holy cow this week flew by! Everyday I had to travel an hour to Belmopan to teach computer classes. Taylor came with me everyday and Jeff and Hilary switched off. Computer classes went fairly well. Its just hard to teach a class of 25 kids all at different levels. Some of them are putting borders on their Word Docs while others don't even know how to control the mouse. We split the classes into age groups but there are still problems with some kids being more advanced. Also, its hard to teach kids how to type when the internet only works when it wants to and you're trying to use a free typing game online. One day we just had to stand at the front of the room and say letters for them to type…effective, right? Not really. Another problem was that not all of them had the same version of Microsoft Word so when I say, "Go to file --> new" some of them don't even have the file button. I feel like I'm prepared but something still seems to go wrong everyday. Even still, I enjoy it. I really do. The kids are great. One of the girls was like, "Miss Ali! I can type "sad" without looking at the keys!" She then proceeded to show me and it was the cutest thing. Its moments like those that make it all worth it. Since its hard to get all the kids on the same page we decided to make next weeks classes a little longer so we can get more done. Hopefully that goes well! 
Each day after computer classes we have been going to an orphanage and playing sports with the kids. The orphanage is a mad house. No organization AT ALL. Its so sad to see all those kids live in conditions like that. All the kids smell. BAD. Even the little ones that shouldn't have B.O. yet. We're doing sports camps with them, but a new kid just got here, Jason, and he wants to do a health clinic at the orphanage. I sure hope he follows through with that one and teaches these kids the importance of cleanliness. I thoroughly enjoy playing with the kids despite the smells. They are so dang cute. I'm not sure why, but I'm drawn to the teenage boys. My heart just hurts for them. Its weird, I know. But I just want to sit them down and tell them that this isn't all that life has to offer. And I just want to make sure that they don't get into drugs and alcohol and stuff like that. The two kids in the fourth picture with me are my absolute favorite. Ashton (red) and Kelsey (gray). Someone please adopt them?! 
Well, thats all for now! We're going ziplining in the morning so I'll let ya know how that goes! As Kip (from Napoleon Dynamite) would say, Peace out. 
Jeff with Deon and Jason

Playing soccer! 

Ashton and Kelsey. My favorite!


Jeff and Deon

Me and Jason and James 
Computer classes!

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