Friday, June 29, 2012

T-minus 2 Days.

Well ladies and gents, my computer classes start on Monday and I COULD NOT. BE MORE. EXCITED. The last couple of weeks have been a build up of hard work justing waiting to be put to good use, so Monday can't come soon enough. Classes will go for two weeks Monday-Thursday from 11-12 for the younger kids and then 1-2 for the older kids. As I told you before, the class is already full and there is even a waiting list. Which means, those that don't pass the class or didn't have the chance to take the class will either have the oppurtunity to take the class later this summer or next summer depending on whether or not there is another volunteer who would want to teach the  class again after I leave.
For some reason this picture will not get smaller so you'll just have to deal with this massive picture of me. Lucky you!
For the past couple of weeks there has been a general topic of discussion in the house of 16 gringos. FOOD. Belizian food is delicious at first, okay at second glance, and questionable by the umpteenth time you eat it. I don't think I will ever want to eat meat off the bone ever again in my life. It just grosses me out more and more everytime I see it. Right when we got here I was all about getting burritos, panades, and salbutes at the street shacks but now we are starting to tire of the random bones being found in our food, and the overall unhealthiness of every deep fried meal. So naturally we start talking about all the freaking delicious food we have back in the states. Lets get real people, Americans know how to make good food. Especially desserts. We have been seriously craving some good chocolate. The chocolate here tastes like brown gravel. I'm really hoping that when I get home there will be a plate of my dads homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for me. (hint hint, Daddio) (: But really.
Top 5 foods I miss the most?
1. A good deli sandwich. Turkey that wont make me sick, mayo that isn't yellow, mustard, pickles, and some white bread that doesn't mold in .5 seconds
2. Mashed potatoes. Mmmm.
3. Good ice cream. The ice cream here is decent, but it is a little too crunchy for my taste. I miss the creaminess of Cold Stones' "Cheesecake Fantasy" (Just thinking about it is making my mouth drool)
4. Good Meat. The meat here is....sketchy. I just want to be able to enjoy a piece of chicken without having the question the cleanliness of it.
5. Otterpops. Yeah, I just said that. Otterpops are the perfect treat for hot summer days and let me tell ya, there are alot of HOT summer days down here in which I dream of eating 10,000 otterpops.

Top 5 foods I WILL miss most?
1. The fruit. They have THEE best fruit here. My favorite is frozen watermelon. Oh wait, maybe cantelope. Or pineapple. Gaahh. There are too many to chose from. I think I just love having fresh fruit available at all times.
2. Juice. I guess it kind of goes with fruit...but really. The juice here is so good! Lime juice? Heavenly.
3. Mama Kay's Stuffed Fry Jackets. They are kind of like scones stuffed with a sort of chicken salad. And they are unreal. I will be definitely getting her recipe for them.
4. Lucy's burritos. Lucy's is the name of a shack that we go to in town. We went there on the first day and have yet to find a better place to buy a burrito. She never lets us down.
5. Chocolate Bananas. Again with the fruit, sorry not sorry. But there is a shack down the street from us that sells chocolate bananas that I have become addicted to. I might be making a few runs to Cold Stone or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for choco bananas when I get home.

I know you probably didn't really care about any of that but I just felt like blogging it. So there you go. There was my splurge of thought on food tonight. Have a fantastic day everyone! See you in 25 days!

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