Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today I was driving in my car with my sisters and I realized something; If Tiff and I weren't sisters, we probably wouldn't be friends. We are both so completely different, our paths would just never cross. And if they did, we probably wouldn't be too fond of each other. Then I realized something else; I really do have some of my best memories with her. She makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. I realized that I judge people too easily. I have passed up so many good friendships because I judge too easily. If you don't have a good first impression with me--you've pretty much blown it. I hate that about myself. Its like if I make a judgement of someone and come to find out that I was wrong about that person, I have too much pride to realize I was wrong and so I just don't become friends with them. 

New Goal: Don't judge so easily. I'm not perfect either. Obviously. 


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