Saturday, August 18, 2012

Things Are Changing.

Most of you already know this but I figured I should share my plans for the next year with the blogging world. Ready for the big news? *Drum Roll Please...*
Instead, I am living at home in good ol' Pleasant Grove. I will be working full time as the assistant of my parents at Prudential Utah Real Estate. Taking pictures of their listings, putting them on the MLS, going to meetings, managing their website/blog/facebook pages, etc. I will also be going to UVU for night classes getting all my generals done and probably taking the Real Estate class as well to get my license by the end of the semester. Killing two birds with one stone and getting college credit as well as my license. BAM. My favorite part about staying down here though is that I will also be interning for a videographer filming weddings. I just need to email him and set everything up. I should start in the next couple weeks. If you know me, for the past year I have been really interested in videography. I love to make videos of EVERYTHING. Ask my roommates. Days at the park, friends at the rope swing up the canyon, Belize, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to someday be a well known videographer for weddings. Its my dream. But at the same time, I understand how hard it is to get into that "world" so I plan to make money by doing Real Estate and interning in the videography world for now. Hopefully things go right and I have some sort of God-given gift at it. ha. We'll just have to see.
The past week I went to Powell with some friends and family and had an absolute blast. It was the perfect way to end the summer! One more week til school starts!

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