Thursday, October 25, 2012

Facts of Life.

1. TSwift has accomplished a big W with her new album. But when has she not been amzing? "Red" has been on repeat on my phone for the past 4 days. I miiiight have all the lyrics already memorized. Its fine. 

2. Utah is bipolar. There just isn't anything anyone can do about it. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I think it depends on the day and the activities planned. Yes, I took both these pictures today. Within 3 hours of each other. You know what they say, "If you don't like the weather in Utah...wait 15 minutes."

3. Shots just aren't fun. Even though you barely feel a thing during them, there is just something about them that makes it so hard not to act like a 2 year old the whole time. If you really think about it, you go through so many other pains that are ten times worse on a consistent basis. (Girls--Mother Nature visiting once a month? Way worse than a shot.) You better believe I was one of those kids that kicked and screamed (and maybe even convinced my mother that I didn't need shots). You would think that after 6 months of donating plasma I would be used to needles. This morning I had to get 4 shots and some blood work done. I was so scared and then they didn't even hurt. But don't tell my parents I said that. (;

4. Some people...flat out, just don't know how to park. I have no other words for this person. 

 5. This picture is beyond creepy. Thanks for the nightmares, Pinterest.

 And those are my thoughts for the day. Hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. hahah that car was was snowing really bad and i couldn't see the lines. swear i'm not that horrible of a parker. but hey thanks for the shout out on the blog.