Friday, January 6, 2012


Lately I feel like I've been living 2 lives. Two lives that are completely disconnected. One of them involves living in Logan, working at Kneaders and going to school. But whenever I visit home (Pleasant Grove) I feel like the girl that was living in Logan wasn't me. I feel like I'm two completely different people. It's the weirdest feeling ever and I'm really not sure what is causing it.
Maybe I feel this way because I feel like the next year and a half away from my best friend are almost...well, worthless. I know that is a horrible thought, but it's hard not to think it. I want him to be here with me experiencing everything so I'm afraid to do anything too exciting.
I guess I need to just be happy where I am. I need to always remember to serve others before myself, keep God involved in all that I do, and to never stop taking chances. I need to learn that it's okay to have experiences without Nic. I need to remember that we'll have plenty of memories to make when he gets back and that this is our time to grow on our own and figure out who we are individually so we can grow together once we are reunited.
Now that it's written down, let's hope my brain can actually remember it. 

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