Sunday, January 1, 2012

Growing Up. Moving On.

                    For as long as I can remember, my New Years Eve experiences haven't been the greatest. They have always consisted of me fighting my parents to let me stay out longer, leave family parties for friend parties, or some other teenage issue. I've just never been content. Until this year. I honestly was perfectly fine being up in a cabin in Heber with my family. (Unlike my sister Tiffany, who is currently in the stage I was just talking about.)
                  Yes, there was family drama, little kids screaming constantly, and nothing super fun to do. But there wasn't anywhere else I was wishing to be...(other than the obvious--with Elder Searle--which would be impossible.) I realized something this year. I realized that everything you think is SO incredibly important when you're a teenager, really isn't important at all.  Sorry Tiff, but barely any of your friends are going to remember that you missed the New Years party at Sarah Collins house for 2012. Even YOU really aren't going to remember that in a few years.
                  I've learned that I need to just take advantage of the moment I'm in. Don't let a single smile or laugh pass you by.  You're never gonna get that moment back.  And although I'm not the best at taking my own advice and being grateful for where I'm at, I'm working on it.  It's gonna be part of my New Years resolution. So here's to growing up. Here's to 2012.
Ping Pong Tournament Babaaay

Savannah and Brayden

Tiff's game face for ping pong

Tiff, Sav, Allie, and Tami

Father vs. Son Duel



Matching sweats (:

2011 Memories: 
-Turned the big 18
-Being there when Nic opened his mission call
-Got accepted to Utah State
-Supported Nic at the State Championship Baseball Game
-Graduated Seminary
-Graduated High School
-Nic and multiple other friends left on their missions
-Shaver Lake with the family
-Worked, worked, and worked even more all summer long
-Got through the longest summer of my life
-Got robbed in Las Vegas
-Moved out 
-Was blessed with great roommates who are now some of my best friends
-Hit the 6 month mark of Nic being gone! Woop woop! 
-Finished my first semester of college

2012 Ambitions:
1. Read my scriptures every single day
2. Lose 20 lbs. by summer (and really be committed to it)
3. Write in my journal every night
4. Be the best support to Nic I can be
5. Learn how to crochet
6. Take a road trip with my sisters
7. Study/Serve abroad
8. Donate blood
9. Participate in a choir
10. Get a 3.5 GPA
11. Save $2,000 by the end of the year (Only spend 40% of every paycheck. Save half + tithing)
12. Make 10 new friends
13. Only go out to eat twice a month (my roomies and I have an issue with that...ha.)
14. Be grateful for where I'm at and make the best of every moment
15. Take a picture every day and keep a book of them 

Well, looks like I've got a lot to do. Here we go! 

                    CHEERS TO 2012 BABY! 

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