Sunday, March 25, 2012

Party Weekend.

This weekend was definitely one to remember. It was kind of an emotional roller coaster but it was all worth it. My roommates Jami, Nikki, London, and I had the whole thing planned out. We would come home Saturday morning and go to the Color Festival, come home and hang out with Brenton, sleep at my house, then attend Josh Gibbs farewell in the morning. So we did. I also got to go to the Young Womens conference with one of my very favorite families; the Searles. 

We had a blast at the Color Festival. Other than the fact that I limped around the whole time on my crippled foot, we still have colored hair and we having been blowing out blue boogers for the past 24 hours it was such a fun day. 

Yes, we have matching shirts. Its for the company that I'm going to Belize with this summer. 

I found a great friend! Love you, Han!

Jami's awesome eyelashes.


Sisters. We look disgusting.

London the Lion. haha

Nikki and Nathaniel <3

After. So dirty!

After the Color Festival we went to Zupas for lunch. We got a lot of interesting looks from the people there. Honestly though, we kinda felt like celebrities. Even driving down the street children in the cars next to us would just stare in awe as adults looked at us as if we were crazy blasting Skrillex with all the windows down and chalk all over our bodies. We were entertaining to say the least. 
Later that night I had to act civilized and go to the Young Womens Broadcast at the Conference Center in Salt Lake with the Searle Family. Britt was singing in the choir so we got tickets and it was absolutely amazing. I love being in the presence of our Prophet and his counselors. There is always such a great spirit there and all the speakers did a fantastic job. 

Even though I didn't get home until 10pm my day was still not over. When I got home we decided to go Disco Skating at Classic with Brenton Webb and Matt Maddix. Since I was crippled I didn't really get to skate but it was actually very entertaining to sit and people watch. It's one of my favorite activities now. People are very interesting if you take the time to sit and observe. 

After skating, we came home and stayed up til 2am attempting to create dubstep music on Garage Band. We are a wee bit obsessed with dubstep lately but its fine. We're college students. In the morning we got up and went to Josh Gibbs farewell. His talk was phenomenal. He has been one of my best friends all growing up and I was so proud of him as he spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost with such maturity and personal testimony. He even made me cry. I really am going to miss that kid but he will be a great missionary in Utika, New York. Do work Elder. We all love you. 

The sisters and I with Josh.

Nikki and Jami tagged along to the farewell. Who wouldn't when there is food involved?? (:

All around I had a great weekend. I am so grateful for the people in my life and the positive influence that they have on me! I truly am blessed! 

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