Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Blessed.

Yesterday my roommate Allae and I were on our way to the temple when Allae saw a man kneeling on the side of the road who looked as if he needed some help.  She immediately told me to stop the car. Quickly, she got out of the car and asked the man if he needed any help. Come to find out his name is Kenneth. He had been in a car wreck at the age of 5 that took the use of his legs from him. He is now 31 years old and cannot walk without the help of two canes, and even still it is a struggle. When we found him he was on his way to the grocery store but got too tired and decided to stop at the bus stop and wait for the bus.  He had a helmet on and was dripping sweat from his face. We decided to offer to take him to the grocery store because I couldn't image how hard it would be to try to grab groceries off the shelf while juggling two canes. He was grateful for our help and I was more than impressed with his positive attitude. He kept cracking jokes like when we asked him if he wanted ice cream he replied, "With these hips? No way."  Or when the change was coming out of the register he said, "We won the lottery!!" haha. The whole time I was trying to fight back tears of ingratitude. I realized how extremely blessed I am. I can walk. And even though I can walk, I don't have to walk to the store to get groceries because I can drive.  I can easily get in and out of a car. I have the opportunity to live away from home because I am physically independent. 

Later that day I saw the video Kony2012. How can you not want to do something after watching that video? Seriously people. If you're reading this, you are blessed. We get to browse facebook and blogs while kids in Africa fear for their lives. We think we are "forced" to go to school each day while kids in Africa desire to be a lawyer but don't have the money to be able to learn. Really. Whether you're for or against the whole Kony2012 movement I think we can all agree that we as Americans are blessed beyond measure. I know I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I take so much for granted everyday and it was so great to have this experience where I got some sense knocked into me. 


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