Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm OLD.

What in the world? I swear I turned 12 yesterday. Time flies by way too fast. And I realized today that birthdays get less and less exciting as you get older. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I was younger I had some great birthday parties with lots of friends, fun activities and most importantly to a young girl, PRESENTS. But I'm not young anymore. I'm 19 to be exact. And not gonna lie it's kinda freaky. But I realized today that it's not what you do or how many presents you get, it's about who you're with. Today, on my 19th birthday I attended FCHD 1500, Gymnastics, and Institute. I then went to the gym and worked out with two of my favorite people in Logan, Allie and Mckinsie. We also went tanning, attempted to donate plasma, and ate at this delicious cafe called Kneaders where Steven joined us. YUM. Unlike every other day where I barely text anyone, today my phone was pretty much blowing up with texts from old friends and I LOVED IT. And although I know you're thinking in your head, "Wow, what a boring birthday." It actually was a blast. London got my whole gymnastics class to serenade me in Happy Birthday as I walked into class. My institute teacher made it a point that my birthday was also the same day as Groundhogs Day or "National Sausage Day" as he calls it. Allie, Kinsie and I had some pretty funny experiences while working out, tanning, and attempting to donate plasma. We almost died multiple times from my awesome driving, accidentally ate cheese (long story), and laughed as Steven sang a solo of "Happy Birthday" for all of Kneaders to hear. And it's only 6 o'clock! My roommies still have plans for ice cream later. I'm pretty pumped for it! Then tomorrow I get to go home and see my family! See? Even though I'm old and didn't do anything too great, I'm still very blessed and very happy with the life I live.
And the most important part of my birthday was getting a wonderful package from this guy.
Yes, he is still his crazy self. hahaha He even sang me a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday over the tape recorder. And for those of you who know Nic, you probably already knew I was being sarcastic. Him and his companion sang a horrifically bad yet insanely funny version of Happy Birthday for me. It was nothing close to beautiful, but it was exactly what I needed. I'm blessed to have each of you in my life. Thank you for all you do for me! 

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  1. bhahahahah i highly enjoyed this post.
    p.s. i might stock your blog. no worries.