Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I guess you could call me a prostitute because I am officially selling my body for money. hahaha Totally kidding. Well, I really am selling my body but not as a prostitute. I actually just donated plasma for the very first time yesterday! Be proud. I was pretty nervous.
Allie, Me, and Kinsie right before we donated plasma
It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The worst part was probably the finger prick. My finger is still sore from it! I have a feeling that every time I go I will get major anxiety about everything but once the needle is actually in me I will be fine. I'm just gonna have to deal with it because I NEED the money. Making $4,000 by May isn't gonna be easy. But it's definitely possible and you better believe I'm going to do it. 
I'm going to donate plasma twice a week making $55/week. And I am also going to be working at Kneaders and a call center. Making around $300 a week. It's probably gonna be really difficult but I just keep telling myself its all worth it. Because guess what? I am OFFICIALLY accepted to go to Belize this summer! I leave May 10th and will be there until July 25th. I'm excited to say the least. 
So here's to the hardest working 3 months of my life! 
Beautiful picture of Belize

Yup. Going here for 2 months.

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