Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bug Bites & Cat Calls

This post might freak my dad out a little bit but don't worry dad, I'm fine.
Walking around town, especially later at night it gets kind of sketchy. The sun goes down no later than 6 thirty which is right when we are normally out eating. So while walking back to our house its really dark outside. At least twice a day we get some cat calls our way or even an invitation to come to a club. ha. Last night I was hit on 3 times. One of them told me I had "a beautiful smile on my face." and asked me if I wanted to come to happy hour at the bar.  Now my parents are regretting paying for my smile. haha. Obviously, I was in a big group of people in a very populated area so I just politely said "no" and kept walking. None of them have been too pushy or scary. They just like to put the offer out there in hope that one of us is dumb enough to go with them. Again, don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm not that stupid and I'm always with other people.
Bugs. Ew. I have 9 bug bites already and it feels great! Not. They are kind of weird looking but  luckily they don't itch too bad unless I pick at them. Everyone else has only gotten about 3-4 bug bites though so I guess my blood is extra sweet? I'll take it as a compliment. Thanks mosquitos.
Yesterday I had the wonderful oppurtunity to hike some Mayan ruins in a near by city called Succotz. We walked about a mile up hill (dripping, and I mean DRIPPING sweat because of the insane heat) to reach the ruins and at first they looked really small but theres this place where you turn a corner and there is just this massive ruin. We hiked up the very steep stairs to the top and got to enjoy the beautiful view above the tree tops. I really haven't seen anything that beautiful. It was such a cool experience to just stand up there and think about how blessed I was to be there; to be able to experience that.
Today I went to the English branch for church and I loved it. The people here are so amazing. I don't think I can emphasize that enough. Most of them speak English and they speak it surprisingly well. I got to lead the music in sacrament because no one else knew how, and I also know one of the missionaries in the area. His name is Elder Van Camp (first name Chris. Some of you might know him) and he went to good ol' American Fork High. Pretty funny that I meet up with him in a forgein country. Its good to see a familiar face though. I plan to go back to that ward each week; I really fell in love with the people there. Two of my favorites that I met today are William and Mark. William is a 76 year old man who happens to be blind. He also happens to be one of the happiest people in the ward and it also just so happened to be his birthday today so we sang to him. He obviously loved it. Mark on the other hand is a 23 year old man who just received the Holy Ghost today. We got to witness his confirmation and it was so neat to see him smile so big after his blessing.
Again, I love it here and can't wait to see whats in store for me next.

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