Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm finally HERE!

Helllllooo everybody! I am officially here in Belize and I'm loving it. We got here yesterday and started the trip off with an amazing Belizian dish made by one of the sisters in the ward, Sister Kay. (Mama Kay, as we call her.) Mama Kay is our chef for the whole trip. She will make us dinner Sunday-Thursday each day. She is an amazing lady and I've only met her once. I get wait to get to know her even better! (And eat more of her food! YUM.)
Right when we wake up each morning we go to the Market and get fresh fruits then to the grocery store for yogurt and cereal and what not for breakfast. At nights, with the left over fruit, we cut it up and freeze it and eat it as snacks during the day. Its seriously sooo delicious. Frozen watermelon is the best. Bananas in a close second.
It is insanely hot down here and being the insane sweater that I am, I constantly look like I just got out of the pool. For reals. Its 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity. And we don't have air conditioning in the house we are living in. I'm actually starting to get used to it but at times it is still miserable. Luckily there is pretty much a constant breeze. May is the hottest month of the year though so I just have to survive this month and then June is going to rain like crazy.
I absolutely love all the girls, and the one boy, in my group. We all get along great. Right now we're all sitting at a little cafe called "Flayvas" with WiFi and delicious food. I'm eating a beef fajita (: Be jealous.
Before I got here I expected the people to be mostly hispanic or latino but most of the population down here is Afro Carribean/Jamaican. They are such beautiful people. I love walking down the street and seeing all the different people. We get a lot of weird looks and also a lot of cat calls but its still great. We are just different and they aren't used to seeing a group of gringos walking around.
Today we got to do some gardening work at a high school. Plus side to gardening in this heat, I already have a tan line. BAM. I'm gonna be so dark when I get home! The high school is too poor to provide lunch for the students so most of the students just don't eat lunch. We are making the garden so that they can sell the fruits and vegetables so they can provide lunch. Also, the students will have the option of eating just the vegetables and fruits for lunch; its better than not eating.
A cool story: While working today we were getting pretty tired and this guy came by and was like, "Hey, wanna come see my pets out back?" at first I was a little sketched out but I was tired, needed a break, and we were at a school so whats the worst that could happen? ha. Anyways, so about 5 of us follow him back into a grove of trees and we tells us to be quiet while he throws out a bunch of cut of mangos. We stood there for like 5 minutes waiting for something to happen and then all the sudden out of nowhere, iguanas start coming down all the trees! HUGE IGUANAS. How cool is that?!
I absolutely love it here and can't wait to work my butt off to help these people even if its in the smallest way. BIG thanks to all the people who helped me get here. It really means a lot. I love you all and feel free to comment and ask any questions you have. We don't have internet in the house so only when I go out to eat (Saturday and Sundays) will I be able to reply or make a new post so don't worry, I'm not ignoring you.
Welp, time to enjoy my fajita!
Some pictures first though:
Beautiful Sunset

At the Market

Kinda blurry, but one of the iguanas! 

And another! Craziness. 

Digging in the garden. Woop woop! 

So um..we are going to this circus tonight! I'm pretty stoked. I've always seen them in movies but I never thought that circuses actually drove around from town to town. There was even a tiger!

At our lunch break. Lovin' the sweatiness. I know.

Jezzel and I. Love this girl already. 

View out my window, say what?! 


  1. So glad you get to have this experience. You are so lucky! Can't wait to see and hear more about it.

  2. so jealous! looks amazing :)