Tuesday, May 1, 2012


1. I chopped my hair yesterday. I think it makes me look like a 12 year old but whatever.
2. If I could, I would just drive in my car all day long and listen to music. Its my happy place.
3. I recently used an entire tube of chapstick without losing it. Pretty impressive.
4. I am too excited for Belize to focus on studying for finals. Not good.
5. I moved home yesterday. Which means I am currently living out of multiple boxes and it is not very fun. 
6. Nic has almost been out 11 months. Which is almost a year. Which is half way! Eeek! 
7. I am going to miss my roommates dearly this summer. They have become some of my best friends.
8. Not super excited to go back to school in the Fall. Can't I just drop out? 
9. That last question is a serious question. But its a question that I know the answer to will always be "no".
10. I stay up too late. 

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