Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faith Nazarene School

Sorry I haven't blogged a lot lately. There just isn't a whole lot to blog about. We have been  working a lot at the Faith Nazarene School helping the kids prepare for final exams. Exams started on Monday and we have been helping the teachers grade the tests as well. It is so sad to see how many kids are failing the tests. Today I graded a classes science test and the highest grade was a 70% with the lowest being an 8%. Most of the kids got around a 50%. These kids are 13-14 years old spelling "because" like "bicuz". One of the kids in the 4th grade class I've been helping out a lot in wrote this sentence on his test for Scripture Class. "David cild Goliath wit a sigshat." After grading all these tests, I am so excited that Jasmyn decided to put on the reading camp this summer. These kids seriously need the help. The teachers here are trying as hard as they can but the kids just don't seem to care. And even if they do care, they aren't getting the one-on-one attention that they need. Hopefully with doing this reading camp we will be able to help the kids get the basics of reading and writing so that they will have this skill for the rest of their lives.
We (Tori and I) just finished the curriculum for our computer classes. We also had to make a test for this kids so that they can really determine whether they are ready to use the computers on their own. I can't wait for classes to actually start up so all this work can finally pay off!
Until next time..Peace!

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