Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Past Week!

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to go to Octavia Waight which is an old folks home here in San Ignacio. Most of the people have disabilities so they need a lot of help there. We do things like helping them complete their daily exercises, feeding them, playing games, or just sitting and talking with them. It was actually very emotionally draining. It was a good experience for one day but I honestly don't know if I could do it again. It's just so sad to see the people like that. One man is blind, a lady only has one leg, most of them are in wheelchairs, some of them have already lost their minds, etc. And then there was Claire. She was a Swiss woman, still not sure why she is in a rest home in Belize, and she is the sweetest thing. She made us sing "The Lord Is My Light" probably about 20 times for spanish. Funny, because she doesn't speak spanish. But she loved it. Then as we were leaving she turned to one of the girls and said, "I just....I just love you. Please stick with me." I literally started tearing up. It was a really tender moment for all of us. Some of the other women there weren't as sweet and would say things like, "I want my food now, B****." hahahaha Pretty funny.
Also, we just got a bunch of new people in the house! Now we have 17 girls living in one house and its just fantastic! (Sometimes....) haha Actually it really hasn't been as bad as it could be with a house full of girls. I love all the new girls they are super nice and excited to be here!
This Saturday is the Benefit Dinner for Mary Open Doors (the home for battered women) and I have the opportunity to sing with 3 other girls at it. Woot Woot! We are singing songs like "Lean On Me" and "You and I" by Ingrid. I'm really excited because I've never really performed singing before. It should be interesting!
Oh. Scary story time. So I don't know if I have mentioned it on this blog yet but we have been robbed a few times at our house. They haven't gotten in the house because the house is really well locked up but if we leave our clothes out to dry or our shoes outside because they are dirty they get stolen. And yesterday we had a little run in with a man who most likely is the one who is taking our stuff. He was sitting outside our house yesterday morning, sharpening his machete and wearing a HELP International shirt--which happens to be mine. One of the girls went and talked to him and he said he "found" them "over there" and pointed to our house. He was completely high when they talked to him so we aren't sure how much of that is true. Then last night we saw him walk past again and he had my shirt draped over his shoulders. We had the police come over and now they are looking for him. We aren't sure if we really want the police to get involved though because he might retaliate if he finds out we're trying to catch him. So we'll see what happens. I have complete faith that our house is safe as long as we are smart about keeping it locked at all times.
We also had the awesome opportunity to go kayaking this past saturday! It was so pretty and relaxing and HARD. haha But really it was so much fun!
Welp, thats all for now folks!
Kristy and I with the kids! 

Petronila and Alexis 

Not sure what this was but it was awesome! 


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