Friday, June 1, 2012

Slow But Busy.

Helllooo everybody! This week was a slower one but not because we aren't working hard. We have been planning a lot of projects this week so it takes a lot of time sitting on the computer researching. We are planning 3 big events.
1. Benefit Dinner: When we got here in Belize we found an organization called Mary Open Doors. They deal with helping battered women and one of the girls was very interested in getting involved with that. Problem is, this organization gets a lot of volunteers but not enough money to do any major projects with their volunteers. Because of this, each volunteer that wants to help out at MOD has to pay a fee of $150. We asked them how they used to raise money for the organization and they said they had an annual benefit dinner that one of the resorts here would supply the location and food for free. They haven't been doing this for the past few years because there are only a few ladies running MOD and they are too busy to plan it. We decided that instead of volunteering at the shelter, we would put on the benefit for them and they agreed. So this week (and the past few weeks) Heather, the HELP volunteer in charge of this project has been working very hard to find a resort, people to attend, etc. Planning is coming along great and the benefit is expected to be on June 23.
2. Reading Classes: Like I said in previous posts, we have been going to a Faith Nazarene school here and helping the children do their in-class assignments. By helping them do their work we found that they have a very low reading comprehension level. One of the girls here, Jasmyn, was interested in starting a reading camp for the kids at the school this summer. So her and Jezzel (another volunteer) have been planning and talking to the teachers this week about what kind of curriculum they should teach the kids.
3. Computer Classes: I already explained the purpose of the computer classes in another post but I have been working on that one with Tori this week. We have a meeting with the manager of the George Price Center on Tuesday so I will let you know how that goes.

So that we wouldn't go stir crazy sitting on our computers all day, most of us did half day at the Faith Nazarene school most of the week. I really do love going there. I have been to the same class everyday and I'm really starting to get to know the kids and really love them. Its so fun to go there and be attacked by hugs the second you walk in the door and then be able to help them further their education as well. Its a friendship that I will remember forever.

Also, IT POURS RAIN HERE. We are just getting into the rainy season and its pure craziness.  Funny part is that I've asked people if the storms get worse and they all respond with "YES!" Like I'm some idiot gringa who doesn't know anything. (Which I am) So I'm excited to experience some real storms compared to dry Utah weather. The crazy thing is that right after the storm it goes right back to being sunny 90 degree weather. I have quite enjoyed dancing in the rain. Yesterday we were sitting at the house and it just started to down pour and we looked out the window to find a man with his little cart selling fruit all tipped over and his umbrella was all bent and no one was helping him. One of the girls went darting for the door and the rest of us followed. The second we walked out the door we were drenched. It was fun to be in such heavy rain and also have the chance to do our HELP duty and do some humanitarian work. Followed by dancing in the rain, of course! (:

Now for the part you've all been waiting for!
oh yeah, and the electricity went out for a few minutes. But don't fret, Papa Searle made sure I was prepared with a headlamp! 

Adan. And Jason making ears behind me haha

Antwin. What a stud!

Cute girls!

Dancing in the rain! Yay for granola shoes! 

What the garden project looks like currently! 

After being outside for about 15 minutes. Seriously should have taken my shampoo out there!

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